Drones top of mind for hemp producers considering artificial intelligence


Drones can give hemp farmers real-time information about their grows. (Photo courtesy of Parabug)

As the hemp industry increasingly looks to artificial intelligence to cut costs and improve yields, drones are top of mind for many entrepreneurs.

The buzzing crafts can be deployed to:

  • Quantify plant and soil health for improved productivity and crop management.
  • Seed and spray crop fields.
  • Perform damage surveys for insurance claims.
  • Measure comprehensive plant development and provide aerial phenotyping.

“It’s all same-day, actionable data,” Derrick Perkins, founder of Denver-based The Drone Farmers, told Marijuana Business Magazine.

“That is a big advancement because pest pressure, for example, can spread rapidly in a five-day period.”

Read more about how hemp producers are using drones in the January issue of Marijuana Business Magazine. It’s available here.

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