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Premium Hemp Gummies

Introducing our flavored Hemp infused gummy bears (250mg). Each gummy bear contains 10mg of non-GMO hemp. Our gummies are small-batched in an artisan bakery with all-natural ingredients.

Made fresh to order in our USA based, GMP-Certified facility without fillers & binders, the texture and consistency will differ from other run-of-the-mill gummy bears for quality you can taste.

With a goal of helping people live healthier and more active lifestyles, our gummies are made for people looking to:

      -> Enhance Mental & Physical well-being
      -> Improve the ability to deal with Stress & Anxiety
      -> Improve Sleep Quality and Quality
      -> Reduce Inflammation
      -> Reduce Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain
      -> Increase Flexibility and Mobility
      -> Promote Healthy Looking Skin

Benefits of adding hemp to your daily routine:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Hemp reduces your body’s natural stress response & stress hormones providing you with a calming sense of relaxation & focus.

Improve Sleep Quality

With the potential to help you tackle the stress of daily life, hemp may help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

Reduce Body Aches and Pains

Hemp’s natural ability to reduce inflammation and interact with neurotransmitters, may help alleviate chronic body aches and pains.

Increase Flexibility & Mobility

With reduced inflammation people are able to obtain a deeper stretch and improved flexibility which will increase mobility.

Physical & Mental Health

Maintaining balance in the body is beneficial to your overall mental & physical health. Adding hemp to your daily routine helps you achieve this.

Alleviate Arthritis & Joint Pain

With a natural ability to target joint inflammation and protect nerves, hemp may help reduce symptoms related to arthritis pain.

Improve Mood & Energy

Hemp activates serotonin receptors to help balance serotonin levels in the central & peripheral nervous system creating a more stable mood.

Healthier Looking Skin

With powerful anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to reduce sebum production, hemp may help reduce the visible effects of acne.

how our gummies interact with the body

“CoreBionics is literally the only brand of hemp products that have worked for me. I’ve tried products from other companies that just didn’t work and I was ready to give up”

~ Bob Miller